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Part of a Generation of Artists/Crafters

As a part of a multi-generation family of crafters — and 19-year proprietor of an alterations/costume design business — it wasn’t until participating in my first quilting retreat in 2007 that I recognized quilting as my passion and avenue of personal artistic creativity.

Although I do not hold and art degree, and never considered myself an artist until recently.  In learning about quilting, I discovered that quilting has more to do with “trouble shooting” than perfection as long as it looks good to the viewer (totally my opinion).  Art is also follows that same “perfection is in the eye of the viewer”.  That imperfection is what draws me to art.

I use fabric, thread, paint, and ink to create my art.  My inspiration is derived from Zentangle and Zendoodling as well as photos that I took around Buffalo, New York.  

Right now, I am currently creating 8”x8” and 12”x12” wall hangings, ornaments, and face masks with my drawings on them.  In the future, I will also be adding wallhangings using the Buffalo, NY photos I was talking about earlier.

I am selling my pieces and you can find them for sale under the Quilts for Sale page found in the menu, or you can visit my store at sewwon.etsy.com.

I would love to hear your feedback as well.  Have a wonderful day!

Thank you for reading a little about me and visiting my corner of the internet!

Peace – Pam

Please view my resume and contact information here.


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