Pocket Hugs

New product that I am making! A Pocket Hug!

My pocket hugs can be tucked into your pocket since they measure 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″. You can use it to send to someone who needs hugs from you because of this difficult time. Whenever they pull it out of their pocket or just hold it in their hands, they will know that you care for them and sending them hugs.

They are a mini quilt that I used ink to hand draw the design on them. They are able to be washed and dried on a normal cycle of your machines. I am selling them locally at THE GREENHOUSE at 700 E. Robinson Road, Ton.  14120 and on my Etsy site very soon. I’ll update this blog when I post them on Etsy.

Contact me if you are interested in one or more of these.

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Christmas Gifts!

I’m done with my orders before Christmas! However, my projects are always increasing whether they are custom projects for customers or personal projects. An Art Quilter’s work is never done!

Today I am working on gifts for two young children in my life. These are fabric doll houses designed by Rebecca Page. She has some wonderful sewing patterns and the directions are easy to follow.

I was having some fun with the features on my camera!!

These are just pieces of one for a girl and one for a boy. When I’m done on Wednesday, I will share the entire book completed.

Until then…….Thank you for reading my blog and please leave a comment to tell me how you like this.



First Christmas Ornaments

Wanted to share with you all of the custom ornaments I have made over the past couple of months! They all have a unique look!

If you are looking for a very special and personalized gift for the holidays (or really for any occasion), these ornaments are a treasure that can be cherished all year round!

When you are ready, please send me a message or a comment and I would be happy to create one for your special occasion. You can also go to my online shop at sewwon.Etsy.com to purchase an already made item for Christmas. I will send it out next day.


Snowman Ornaments!

These smiling snowmen are adorable! They make great gifts for a child to hang on the tree or bring a little cheer to a special person in your life!

Price is $20 each which includes shipping. Made from a foam base, fabric, ribbon, beads.

If you have any questions or would like to make a purchase, please message me.

Thank you for reading my blog and supporting my small, local business!

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How to Adjust Your Face Mask

It has been brought to my attention that some people may not know how to adjust the elastic on their mask for a custom fit. Below is a link to the CDC Guidelines of how to wear a mask. It has some great information.

The masks that have the elastic can be adjusted easily by tying the elastic for a custom fit. Here’s a video I did to show you how to do that:

Wow! My hands look awfully dry and old!!!!

I make the double fabric masks with flannel on the inside and elastic to go around your ears. There are three sizes that you can choose from to help fit your face perfectly. Please click on the link below to see the sizes available.

Please make sure you like this page and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Stay safe and healthy!

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My Virtual Craft Show!!!

At 6pm today, I will be live on my Facebook page showing all the items I have been making through the quarantine so far.

Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/646125319349205

Below are some of the items I will be showing and ready to sell. I will be talking about my custom items as well and some will be great Holiday gifts!

You can shop at my Etsy store if you are ready to right now!

Hope to see you there!

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Getting Healthy!

For a long time, I have been thinking about writing blogs on my getting healthy journey. Today is the day that I decided to start, and the inspiration is that there are other people out there struggling just like I am. Maybe I can make a difference in their life while changing mine.

A little history: I was following the “American diet” of high carbs, refined and processed foods, high sugar, large amounts of food. This lead me to a very unhealthy mind, body and soul. I have tried a lot of diets and paid good money with little or no results. I was feeling exhausted, depressed, anxiety was setting in, not able to concentrate, and no motivation to do anything including excecise. Doctors take one look at me with these symptoms and basically said: loose weight and exercise. I got to the point that I was giving up with myself.

Over the summer I discovered that a friend has been studying to be what she calls a “health coach”. I was excited to start and as always I pray that this time will make a difference. During our initial appointment, she taught me a ton! This is the stuff that I want to share with you as well as recipes that I have tried and adapted to my nutritional needs.

One of the biggest things I have learned is that life style change will happen slowly. It is not all at once and cold turkey. I found that I’m good for a while, then slip into bad habits for a few days, feel my old symptoms creeping in, and then I change back to the good habits. No beating up myself, this is just the process. The good habits will take time to get use to and I’m ok with that.

There’s a lot of basic foods I cannot eat: Gluten, Dairy, and Sugar are the main items. My stomach right now cannot tolerate any type of peppers, eggplant, or tomatoes. That may be for the time being while I’m healing.

When I was eating these foods, my digestive track (esophagus, stomach, intestines) would get all inflamed and cause problems like reflux for example. So, I’d go to the doctor and they told me to take a pill. Even though it stopped the symptoms, it was causing another issue in my body. This would eventually cause my body to not be able to absorb nutrients from the food I eat. Leading to other symptoms, more pills, higher strength of pills because I was not able to absorb them.

So, with Sharron’s help, I have been working through what foods my body needs to function. I will be explaining in my next blogs about my continued journey to health.

Have a great day!

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Updated Etsy Shop!

Hi Everyone! I am excited to share with you that my Etsy shop: sewwon.etsy.com is up and running. I have a few items on there now and will be continuing to add art pieces as they are finished.

You can also find this shop by going to my home page and clicking on quilts to sell.

Please share this site with your friends.

Thank you so much for sharing my blog and my shop!

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We are all in the same boat with this novel virus. Today, my emotions are getting the best of me. I want to share with you how I handle emotional days. (Not that I’m an expert)

To date I have made about 600 masks. Some are donated and some are sold. Some of you have donated extra money which I have contributed to Buffalo Resilience ($380).

As I work on the masks, I am praying for the health of the people who will be wearing them, all of the essential employees, first responders, and any people who have contracted the virus. These are heavy days for all of us.

So, I find my happiness comes from my art quilting. I am making little art pieces (which are for sale). Today I’m going to continue on a piece to help me get focused again.


I have to find about one hour per day to do my art which will bring me peace. Some days it may be half of the day or all day just to give myself some peace and happiness.❤️

If you find that you are struggling emotionally in these times, do something that makes you happy for a portion of the day! Please share with me what makes you happy!


Above are a couple of art pieces I have done. Please contact me if you would like to purchase them.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.